yamapilovergyal (yamapilovergyal) wrote,

Omedatou Tegoshi!!!

GOMEN Im am sooo Late! but I still wanna wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart! <3
I think enough is said in the pic, Just be safe Tegoshi and Dont be so self-centered this year! Even Ryo-chan's been complaining about you on interviews lolz XDD If Boss-chan's on ur butt you know when to learn from it :P
You name is very similar to my best friend's name Tashi so i'll hope to always remember your radiant smile because its so bright and can light up anyone's bad day! even mine when i feel like shooting myself after a math test, when i come home and see you smiling it all just melts away ^__________________^ I hope the smile about you never changes!
Omedatou! Happy Tanjobi Tegoshi-kun! <3


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