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Questions and Answers pleaseeee -___-;

ne ne minna-san, i have a question to ask! its NewS related ofcourse hehehe hope i dont waste your time but i've been meaning to ask this quesion for a while now! its been bugging me since i found out about it!!!!!
can some one tell me if Ryo is over his Leah Dizon faze??? i've been hearing rumors all over the place. Mostly of the ones where he was like almost idoling her. Its even on tape in youtube how he got all flustered and embrassed when him, yoko and (i forgot the other one) did an interview with her. Its been like foreverrrrr since like i've known who Ryo was that he made it quite openly that he like Leah Dizon.
Ok in my opinion on leah dizon herself, i dont like her music, seems really plain, she just acts too much, plus i still dont know her real background..i dunno but to me, finding ryo "attacted" to her makes me really question his preferences Y__Y sorry if i'd offended those Leah fans out there, i just wanna speak my mind out.
so going back to my question....is Ryo finally over his Faze with her?? and moved on with himself??


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